Message from Brubeck Institute Executive Director, Simon Rowe

Dear Friends,

The extended Brubeck community would like to thank you for your expressions of sympathy and support over the last few days. The massive global outpouring of love and affection for Dave reflects his impact. We would invite you to visit our blog to partake of the many remembrances and tributes penned by students, peers, and fans worldwide.

On a personal level, I recall my first meeting with Dave as I became the new executive director of the Brubeck Institute over a year ago. Upon hearing my recorded version of Irving Berlin’s “How deep is the ocean” Dave wrote me a note. He suggested that in my new role at the Brubeck Institute the title should be “How deep is the notion”.

As we grieve and begin to celebrate Dave’s life, we are reminded of the elevated resolve, purpose and joy with which he lived. We now embrace this same resolve as we strive to perpetuate his unique legacy.


Yours Truly,

Simon Rowe

Executive Director


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