Brubeck Institute at the UN


On Wednesday, April 24, the UN Department of Public Information and the Brubeck Institute jointly hosted “Jazz, A Language for Peace: The First Dave Brubeck Forum in honor of the General Assembly Committee on Information” at UN Headquarters. It featured the Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet, with special guest appearance by Darius Brubeck. It coincided with the observance of the International Jazz Day, a UN observance, on April 30. You can watch both parts of the forum below.

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Brubeck Institute at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

On April 22nd the Brubeck Institute travelled to Washington D.C. to perform at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. In conjunction with Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) the Smithsonian invited us to perform a tribute to Dave Brubeck.



We started off our day by playing at Lafayette Elementary School for a room full of eager students.


The Main Event: Smithsonian American Art Museum


“We the people……..”



After the gig:


The First Dave Brubeck Forum at UN Headquarters

The First Dave Brubeck Forum at UN Headquarters, 24 April 2013

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The UN Department of Public Information and the Brubeck Institute will jointly host Jazz, A Language for Peace: The First Dave Brubeck Forum in honor of the General Assembly Committee on Information, on Wednesday, 24 April at UN Headquarters. It will feature the Brubeck Institute Quintet, with special guest appearance by Darius Brubeck. This will coincide with the observance of the International Jazz Day, a UN observance, on 30 April. #JazzApril

Jazz April

ja-ijd-jamLGJazzApril starts NOW: April isJazz Appreciation Month (so named by the Smithsonian Institution), culminating on the 30th with International Jazz Day(a project of UNESCO, organized by the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz) — and both those initiatives are endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. So the Jazz Journalists Association has launched a major media campaign called JazzApril in support of local jazz scenes taking advantage of JAM and IJD to raise awareness of the jazz resources all around us, and today posted bios + photos of 25 JJA “Jazz Heroes,” nominated by grassroots activists in 25 cities which will have parties to celebrate them, ask officials to proclaim their endorsements, and generally make noise to show that jazz is everywhere, in April and all year long.

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Howard Mandel’s review of the Brubeck Festival

Marsalis in Stockton, the Dave Brubeck Institute and Take Five 

It was a big deal in Stockton, CA last Friday, when Wynton Marsalis led his Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra at the 12th annual jazz festival produced by the Brubeck Institute at University of the Pacific.  The ticket holders’ line to enter the nicely restored Fox movie palace — now the Bob Hope Theatre, in the center of otherwise near-dead downtown — stretched around the block. The marquee was bright, and under it flowed well-dressed attendees of nearly all ages and many colors, quite festive mere days before they’d hear whether their city could enter bankruptcy. Stockton’s had the highest foreclosure rate in the country after the 2008 mortgage crisis, city services have been cut back, residents have fled, poverty’s become noticeable, crime’s on the rise . . .

But it was a clear, promising spring night, and all worries were suspended. Dave Brubeck, the iconic jazz pianist/composer/bandleader who died last December at age 91, grew up on a ranch outside Stockton, attended the school when it was still called College of the Pacific, met his wife Iola at the campus (a wall plaque commemorates the occasion), and personified the kind of can-do, confidently outgoing spirit we like to think of as quintessentially American. People in Stockton don’t give up, they hunker down. Wynton Marsalis is possessed of that, too — accepting the challenges and responsibilities of being an artist in the limelight, almost always being on, making time everywhere for extra events like the hour-long public question-and-answer session he did here with honors students who he addressed spontaneously, candidly, seemed to personally enjoy. His concert with the Orchestra, the last stop of a six-week tour, was hallmarked by other qualities Brubeck shared and would have admired: integrity, virtuosity, direct address plus a measure of daring.

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Jazz Beyond Jazz: Howard Mandel’s Urban Improvisation


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